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Judee Fehsenfeld: How a Full Body Scan May Help With COVID Anxiety

Judee Fehsenfeld: How a Full Body Scan May Help With COVID Anxiety

WILSONVILLE, OREGON, UNITED STATES, July 31, 2020 / — Judee Fehsenfeld is worried about Covid-19 from many different angles. She fears not only for the physical health of her clients but their mental strength as well. As a result, she recently discussed how her full-body scan could help those suffering from Covid-19 anxiety.
Judee Louise Feshenfeld
Judee Louise Feshenfeld

The Nature of COVID Anxiety

As a practitioner, Judee Fehsenfeld has seen a large number of clients who possess a high level of anxiety related to Covid-19. She can’t blame them – this disease is very scary and is impactful even on those who don’t suffer from severe cases. Even more troubling, she sees a large number of people suffering from a high level of anxiety related to this problem, an issue Judee Fehsenfeld feels is worrisome.

For example, Judee Fehsenfeld has seen many clients coming to her office with high levels of fear and anxiety around the pandemic. They are worried that they have the disease, that they may get it, or that someone they love has it. The unprecedented level of concern is something that Judee Fehsenfeld feels many people may not be fully prepared to manage, especially without the help of medical care.

Thankfully, Judee Fehsenfeld has many different care methods that she can use to help her clients. Each of these techniques has been carefully balanced and tested over the years to provide many benefits in many situations. For example, the full-body scan offered by Judee Fehsenfeld can help those with COVID-related anxiety calm their nerves and avoid the dangers of excessive fear and panic in their lives.

How a Full Body Scan by Judee Fehsenfeld Works

The AO Scanner by Judee Fehsenfeld is a unique diagnostic tool that can help people understand more about their bodies and how they operate. It works by providing an understanding of your organs, the blood cells, hormones, and frequencies occurring throughout the body. Judee Fehsenfeld states that this approach helps her and her clients figure out what is affecting a person.

For example, Judee Fehsenfeld states that it can be used to discover where anxiety originates in a person’s body and how they carry it. Then, they can use this information to calm their mind and body in a way that soothes the soul. Here, various types of therapies are needed, such as meditation, massage therapy, and other care methods, Judee Fehsenfeld says, each of which provides benefits.

Though Judee Fehsenfeld states that this diagnostic tool is not a singular treatment method, it can be used alongside medical care and other treatments to achieve a higher level of anxiety management. And in times when anxiety is such a joint partner with so many people, this type of relief is more important than ever. It can even help improve a person’s immune system, as anxiety can cripple their response to diseases.

Judee Louise Fehsenfeld

Can Self-Forgiveness Help During Covid-19? Judee Louise Fehsenfeld Says “Yes”

Judee Louise Fehsenfeld has experienced her clients’ suffering during the Covid-19 pandemic, finding that many of them feel guilty about what is happening. This type of self-guilt is damaging, particularly during such a devastating pandemic. As a result, she believes that people should investigate the benefits of self-forgiveness. This treatment method is something that she has used to help her clients regain a stronger sense of self and avoid needless emotional suffering.

Judee Louise Feshenfeld
Judee Louise Feshenfeld

What is Self-Forgiveness? Judee Fehsenfeld Explains

Over the years, Judee Louise Fehsenfeld has worked with many different techniques to help her clients recover from emotional and physical pain. Self-forgiveness is just one method that she uses to help. This technique focuses on improving a myriad of skills that help a person overcome emotional issues in a soothing and healing way. 

First of all, Judee Fehsenfeld will discuss a person’s sense of guilt and how it can impact their emotional development over the years. Often, people hold onto negative emotions for years with no need and punish themselves for it unconsciously, believing that they deserve to be hurt. Judee Louise Fehsenfeld helps people identify why they feel this way and why it is harmful. 

Then, she works with a client to walk them back from the brink of self-abuse and teach them how to forgive themselves. Judee Fehsenfeld states that this process requires her clients to embrace who they are as a person, understand that they have made mistakes, and forgive themselves for it. She finds people are often more willing to forgive others than themselves, but this technique can help them overcome that limitation. 

How Can Self-Forgiveness Help During Covid-19?

Over the last few months, Judee Louise Fehsenfeld has had many clients state that they feel guilty for a myriad of different issues related to Covid-19. Some feel guilty because they had the disease and passed it to loved ones. Others feel guilt because they did not get it and survived a loved one passing away. Judee Fehsenfeld has seen this type of guilt before and believes that self-forgiveness can help. 

She states that survivor’s guilt is a very damaging emotional problem that often impacts people during crises such as pandemics. Those who suffer survivor’s guilt cannot handle the sadness that death causes, according to Judee Fehsenfeld, and then transfer the emotion to a sense of guilt. Unfortunately, this transference can cause a person great suffering that may last for years. 

Instead, Judee Fehsenfeld believes these people need to practice the self-forgiveness techniques that she has been teaching for quite some time. By taking the time to forgive yourself, she states, you can move on emotionally from the devastation caused by this condition. If you focus on the good in your life, Judee Fehsenfeld knows that it is possible to regain your emotional strength.

Judee Fehsenfeld

Judee Fehsenfeld: Nogier Light Therapy May Help With Anxiety

Judee Fehsenfeld provides her clients with many unique alternative therapy options that have real benefits. For example, her Nogier light therapy treatment may help many people with anxiety get relief, alongside traditional medical care. Judee Fehsenfeld explains this unique care option and how it can be useful for certain people. 

What is Nogier Light Therapy? Judee Fehsenfeld Explains

A Nogier light therapy program goes through a few stages. First of all, she lays down her clients on a Zen Bed designed to be very supportive, comfortable, and relaxing. The idea behind this bed, Judee Fehsenfeld states, is to make a person feel at home and capable of handling many different problems. When used properly, a person may even feel a high level of euphoria.

Judee Fehsenfeld then turns on her Nogier light system to spread these rays all over a person’s body. During treatment, a client typically wears protective gear and a small cloth for privacy. As the light works, Judee Fehsenfeld tracks a person’s responses to see how well they react to this treatment. If necessary, she will adjust the intensity of the light and may even ask to change a person’s position, to help make the light easier to tolerate and more powerful for a person’s recovery needs.

Judee Louise Feshenfeld
Judee Louise Feshenfeld

How Nogier Light Therapy Helps

Judee Fehsenfeld states that Nogier light therapy stimulates a variety of body functions that provide a person with many unique benefits. First of all, it helps to stimulate ATP production, which increases a person’s ability to fight against anxiety and other types of emotional concerns. And it also helps to release endorphin chemicals,  Fehsenfeld states, which puts a person in a better mood.

Judee Fehsenfeld goes on to say that her machine also produces a higher level of white blood cells in a person’s body. These help with mood by fighting off diseases and other health problems that may affect a person’s overall well being. And when used properly, Judee Fehsenfeld states that this treatment can also help to manage a person’s high blood pressure and ensure that they don’t feel too tense or nervous.

Beyond these immediate effects, Nogier light therapy can help with anxiety in other ways. For example, those with arthritis, joint pain, and sore muscles may get some relief from this therapy. Fehsenfeld says that many of her clients lose their anxiety related to these conditions because they no longer feel the physical pain that triggers their fear and worry.

However, Judee Fehsenfeld also states that care options like these should be considered supplemental to medical treatment options for anxiety. She understands that many people need medicines to manage their stress and encourages them to do so. However, Judee Fehsenfeld also believes that many people can receive real benefits from using her unique Nogier light therapy option.

Judee Fehsenfeld

Judee Fehsenfeld A Full-Body Scan May Help Many Discover Common Health Issues

Judee Fehsenfeld provides many unique care options for her clients, including what she says is a revolutionary concept: the AO Scan Digital Body Analyzer. This tool is one that Judee Fehsenfeld has used on many of her clients over the years and can help with many health issues, she states.

What is the AO Scan Digital Body Analyzer?

Judee Fehsenfeld was one of the first experts of her kind to utilize the AO body scanner for her clients. This unique tool is a combination of multiple technological updates from many countries, including Germany, Spain, China, and the United States. Judee Fehsenfeld states that many of these ideas spring from concepts originated by genius Nikola Tesla, an early innovator in energy frequency technology.

The concept of the AO Scan Digital Body Analyzer centers on the idea that the tissues of the body – and, in fact, every physical element in the universe – is made out of unique electrical frequencies. Judee Fehsenfeld states that some of her clients have a hard time initially understanding this concept but come to a better grasp of it after they go through a full-body scan.

A typical scan is a relatively simple process. Judee Fehsenfeld will hook up a client to the machine and scan it using over 120,000 different frequencies programmed into its memory. Theoretically, these frequencies are the same for every person and can identify individual organs in the body and can gauge alterations in the spectrum that may indicate problems with a specific part of the body.

How Judee Fehsenfeld Uses These Full-Body Scans

As this machine scans, Judee Fehsenfeld states that it creates a three-dimensional view of the body that she can use to identify unique elements of a person’s physical health. For example, the scanner can identify frequency imperfections in specific organs and use a program of healthy frequencies to adjust these energy patterns and make them safer and healthier for a person.

Typically, Judee Fehsenfeld starts her process with a diagnosis of these frequency imperfections and then goes through a myriad of frequency adjustments. Sometimes, she states, it takes more than one treatment for the body’s frequencies to balance correctly. Judee Fehsenfeld compares this to typical medical treatment, as most require multiple applications before they are useful. Standard benefits include pain relief, nausea treatment, headache care, and more.

And while Judee Fehsenfeld believes that the AO full body scan is a beneficial process for many people, she also stresses that traditional medical care should not be ignored. Full body scans are complementary to conventional medical procedures and should be treated as such. However, Judee Fehsenfeld believes that they can make a huge difference in a person’s life if they are correctly applied and utilize the healthiest frequencies for a person’s needs.

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Judee Fehsenfeld Discusses How Float Tanks Can Eliminate Stress and Improve Mental Health

Noetic therapist and CEO of the Theta Wholeness Center Judee Fehsenfeld explains how float tanks can eliminate stress and improve your life.

Judee Fehsenfeld is an expert at helping her patients get the best and most relaxing experience out of the float tank at the Theta Wholeness Center. Her goal is to dissolve stress and anxiety, so patients leave with a superior mindset.

“We use our state-of-the-art flotation tank to help our patients in numerous ways,” Judee Fehsenfeld says. “Sure, our patients leave feeling relaxed, but they also leave feeling balanced, rejuvenated, and regenerated.”

Judee Fehsenfeld describes that flotation tanks do far more than relieving stress and anxiety; although, that is a major benefit. These tanks boost endorphins, which kill pain and regulate emotions, helping patients feel better in mind and body. Flotation in this environment also helps balance the right and left brain, and facilitates access to the creative capabilities of the right brain.

In fact, an article published in the European Journal of Integrative Medicine in 2014, stated that floating in a tank like the one at the Theta Wholeness Center can increase imagination, intuition, creativity, and originality. Another study showed that sensory deprivation tanks can help speed up an athlete’s recovery after intense physical training. Athletes also stated that the tanks improved their psychological recovery after competition or strenuous training.

Experts like Judee Fehsenfeld also state that flotation therapy, practiced in a device just as the spaceship-like isopod flotation tank, relieves stress through sensory reduction. Inside the tank, patients experience complete silence, darkness, and an entirely weightless environment.

“Studies have shown that time spent inside a flotation tank like ours can decrease depression and anxiety,” Judee Fehsenfeld says. “It is also able to increase optimism, which leaves patients with a superior outlook on life when they step out of our center.”

Judee Fehsenfeld explains that the environment inside the flotation tank is ideal for meditation as well. The zero-gravity environment allows patients to completely let go. The mind is put at ease and rhythmic breathing becomes easier.

“Everyone can benefit from time spent inside a flotation tank,” Judee Fehsenfeld finishes. “Whether life feels all too overwhelming or you just want a mood booster, we invite you to come experience all that our flotation therapy can do for you.”

Judee Fehsenfeld

How Judee Fehsenfeld’s Alternative Therapies Can Help With Trauma

Judee Fehsenfeld sits down to discuss Alternative Therapies for Trauma

Trauma is a problem that affects millions of people every year, making it one of the most damaging emotional issues in the world. However, new studies are showing that alternative therapy options, such as float tanks, theta chambers, and self-forgiveness therapy, may help with this process. And alternative treatment specialist Judee Fehsenfeld provides these therapies to give her clients the soothing relief that they need.

How a Judee Fehsenfeld Float Tank Works

At Judee Fehsenfeld float tank place, an individual is placed in a large container filled with mineral-rich water. The box is then closed to shut a person off from the outside world. Over the years, Judee Fehsenfeld has used float tanks to help her clients manage anxiety and depression caused by trauma. When placed in her containers, clients have the chance not only to relax but see their trauma from an outside perspective.

Judee Fehsenfeld has said that her clients report hallucinations that dive deep into their emotional problems and explore them from unique and enlightening angles. However, she also believes that theta chambers and self-forgiveness therapy are just as powerful.

The Benefits of Theta Chambers

At Judee Fehsenfeld theta chamber is somewhat similar to a float tank in that you’ll be cut off from the outside world. However, they operate much differently. When in a theta chamber, you are treated with binaural beats, microcurrent signaling, and other brain-wave therapy options.

Judee Fehensfeld states that this type of therapy helps to adjust the brain wave patterns of her clients. For example, it can produce relaxing brain waves in those experiencing anxiety and trauma. She states that this adjustment helps to produce healing effects that assist with traditional psychotherapy treatments.

Using Self-Forgiveness to Most Past Trauma

Judee Fehsenfeld also believes that self-forgiveness therapy is a powerful way to help those suffering from trauma. Often, those with PTSD or other types of trauma experience what is known as survivor’s guilt. They blame themselves for what has happened, even if they had nothing to do with the traumatic event. These powerful emotions can be tough to overcome.

Judee Fehenseld states that self-forgiveness therapy helps a person come to terms with what has happened in their life and to forgive themselves for it. Self-forgiveness requires examining the emotions associated with the trauma, figuring out why they occur, admitting fault when fault indeed occurs, and forgiving yourself. Fehenseld states that this process is harder than it sounds and must be approached with professional care.

Though these benefits vary on a client-by-client basis, Judee Fehsenfeld believes that float tanks, theta chambers, and self-forgiveness therapy all have a powerful place in trauma treatment therapy. She states that they can provide a beneficial alternative supplement to psychological care. However, those with trauma should talk to their doctors first, to get a better idea of whether or not this care option is right for their needs.