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Judee Fehsenfeld A Full-Body Scan May Help Many Discover Common Health Issues

Judee Fehsenfeld provides many unique care options for her clients, including what she says is a revolutionary concept: the AO Scan Digital Body Analyzer. This tool is one that Judee Fehsenfeld has used on many of her clients over the years and can help with many health issues, she states.

What is the AO Scan Digital Body Analyzer?

Judee Fehsenfeld was one of the first experts of her kind to utilize the AO body scanner for her clients. This unique tool is a combination of multiple technological updates from many countries, including Germany, Spain, China, and the United States. Judee Fehsenfeld states that many of these ideas spring from concepts originated by genius Nikola Tesla, an early innovator in energy frequency technology.

The concept of the AO Scan Digital Body Analyzer centers on the idea that the tissues of the body – and, in fact, every physical element in the universe – is made out of unique electrical frequencies. Judee Fehsenfeld states that some of her clients have a hard time initially understanding this concept but come to a better grasp of it after they go through a full-body scan.

A typical scan is a relatively simple process. Judee Fehsenfeld will hook up a client to the machine and scan it using over 120,000 different frequencies programmed into its memory. Theoretically, these frequencies are the same for every person and can identify individual organs in the body and can gauge alterations in the spectrum that may indicate problems with a specific part of the body.

How Judee Fehsenfeld Uses These Full-Body Scans

As this machine scans, Judee Fehsenfeld states that it creates a three-dimensional view of the body that she can use to identify unique elements of a person’s physical health. For example, the scanner can identify frequency imperfections in specific organs and use a program of healthy frequencies to adjust these energy patterns and make them safer and healthier for a person.

Typically, Judee Fehsenfeld starts her process with a diagnosis of these frequency imperfections and then goes through a myriad of frequency adjustments. Sometimes, she states, it takes more than one treatment for the body’s frequencies to balance correctly. Judee Fehsenfeld compares this to typical medical treatment, as most require multiple applications before they are useful. Standard benefits include pain relief, nausea treatment, headache care, and more.

And while Judee Fehsenfeld believes that the AO full body scan is a beneficial process for many people, she also stresses that traditional medical care should not be ignored. Full body scans are complementary to conventional medical procedures and should be treated as such. However, Judee Fehsenfeld believes that they can make a huge difference in a person’s life if they are correctly applied and utilize the healthiest frequencies for a person’s needs.

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