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Judee Fehsenfeld Discusses How Float Tanks Can Eliminate Stress and Improve Mental Health

Noetic therapist and CEO of the Theta Wholeness Center Judee Fehsenfeld explains how float tanks can eliminate stress and improve your life.

Judee Fehsenfeld is an expert at helping her patients get the best and most relaxing experience out of the float tank at the Theta Wholeness Center. Her goal is to dissolve stress and anxiety, so patients leave with a superior mindset.

“We use our state-of-the-art flotation tank to help our patients in numerous ways,” Judee Fehsenfeld says. “Sure, our patients leave feeling relaxed, but they also leave feeling balanced, rejuvenated, and regenerated.”

Judee Fehsenfeld describes that flotation tanks do far more than relieving stress and anxiety; although, that is a major benefit. These tanks boost endorphins, which kill pain and regulate emotions, helping patients feel better in mind and body. Flotation in this environment also helps balance the right and left brain, and facilitates access to the creative capabilities of the right brain.

In fact, an article published in the European Journal of Integrative Medicine in 2014, stated that floating in a tank like the one at the Theta Wholeness Center can increase imagination, intuition, creativity, and originality. Another study showed that sensory deprivation tanks can help speed up an athlete’s recovery after intense physical training. Athletes also stated that the tanks improved their psychological recovery after competition or strenuous training.

Experts like Judee Fehsenfeld also state that flotation therapy, practiced in a device just as the spaceship-like isopod flotation tank, relieves stress through sensory reduction. Inside the tank, patients experience complete silence, darkness, and an entirely weightless environment.

“Studies have shown that time spent inside a flotation tank like ours can decrease depression and anxiety,” Judee Fehsenfeld says. “It is also able to increase optimism, which leaves patients with a superior outlook on life when they step out of our center.”

Judee Fehsenfeld explains that the environment inside the flotation tank is ideal for meditation as well. The zero-gravity environment allows patients to completely let go. The mind is put at ease and rhythmic breathing becomes easier.

“Everyone can benefit from time spent inside a flotation tank,” Judee Fehsenfeld finishes. “Whether life feels all too overwhelming or you just want a mood booster, we invite you to come experience all that our flotation therapy can do for you.”

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