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Judee Fehsenfeld: How a Full Body Scan May Help With COVID Anxiety

Judee Fehsenfeld: How a Full Body Scan May Help With COVID Anxiety

WILSONVILLE, OREGON, UNITED STATES, July 31, 2020 / — Judee Fehsenfeld is worried about Covid-19 from many different angles. She fears not only for the physical health of her clients but their mental strength as well. As a result, she recently discussed how her full-body scan could help those suffering from Covid-19 anxiety.
Judee Louise Feshenfeld
Judee Louise Feshenfeld

The Nature of COVID Anxiety

As a practitioner, Judee Fehsenfeld has seen a large number of clients who possess a high level of anxiety related to Covid-19. She can’t blame them – this disease is very scary and is impactful even on those who don’t suffer from severe cases. Even more troubling, she sees a large number of people suffering from a high level of anxiety related to this problem, an issue Judee Fehsenfeld feels is worrisome.

For example, Judee Fehsenfeld has seen many clients coming to her office with high levels of fear and anxiety around the pandemic. They are worried that they have the disease, that they may get it, or that someone they love has it. The unprecedented level of concern is something that Judee Fehsenfeld feels many people may not be fully prepared to manage, especially without the help of medical care.

Thankfully, Judee Fehsenfeld has many different care methods that she can use to help her clients. Each of these techniques has been carefully balanced and tested over the years to provide many benefits in many situations. For example, the full-body scan offered by Judee Fehsenfeld can help those with COVID-related anxiety calm their nerves and avoid the dangers of excessive fear and panic in their lives.

How a Full Body Scan by Judee Fehsenfeld Works

The AO Scanner by Judee Fehsenfeld is a unique diagnostic tool that can help people understand more about their bodies and how they operate. It works by providing an understanding of your organs, the blood cells, hormones, and frequencies occurring throughout the body. Judee Fehsenfeld states that this approach helps her and her clients figure out what is affecting a person.

For example, Judee Fehsenfeld states that it can be used to discover where anxiety originates in a person’s body and how they carry it. Then, they can use this information to calm their mind and body in a way that soothes the soul. Here, various types of therapies are needed, such as meditation, massage therapy, and other care methods, Judee Fehsenfeld says, each of which provides benefits.

Though Judee Fehsenfeld states that this diagnostic tool is not a singular treatment method, it can be used alongside medical care and other treatments to achieve a higher level of anxiety management. And in times when anxiety is such a joint partner with so many people, this type of relief is more important than ever. It can even help improve a person’s immune system, as anxiety can cripple their response to diseases.

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