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Judee Fehsenfeld: Nogier Light Therapy May Help With Anxiety

Judee Fehsenfeld provides her clients with many unique alternative therapy options that have real benefits. For example, her Nogier light therapy treatment may help many people with anxiety get relief, alongside traditional medical care. Judee Fehsenfeld explains this unique care option and how it can be useful for certain people. 

What is Nogier Light Therapy? Judee Fehsenfeld Explains

A Nogier light therapy program goes through a few stages. First of all, she lays down her clients on a Zen Bed designed to be very supportive, comfortable, and relaxing. The idea behind this bed, Judee Fehsenfeld states, is to make a person feel at home and capable of handling many different problems. When used properly, a person may even feel a high level of euphoria.

Judee Fehsenfeld then turns on her Nogier light system to spread these rays all over a person’s body. During treatment, a client typically wears protective gear and a small cloth for privacy. As the light works, Judee Fehsenfeld tracks a person’s responses to see how well they react to this treatment. If necessary, she will adjust the intensity of the light and may even ask to change a person’s position, to help make the light easier to tolerate and more powerful for a person’s recovery needs.

Judee Louise Feshenfeld
Judee Louise Feshenfeld

How Nogier Light Therapy Helps

Judee Fehsenfeld states that Nogier light therapy stimulates a variety of body functions that provide a person with many unique benefits. First of all, it helps to stimulate ATP production, which increases a person’s ability to fight against anxiety and other types of emotional concerns. And it also helps to release endorphin chemicals, ¬†Fehsenfeld states, which puts a person in a better mood.

Judee Fehsenfeld goes on to say that her machine also produces a higher level of white blood cells in a person’s body. These help with mood by fighting off diseases and other health problems that may affect a person’s overall well being. And when used properly, Judee Fehsenfeld states that this treatment can also help to manage a person’s high blood pressure and ensure that they don’t feel too tense or nervous.

Beyond these immediate effects, Nogier light therapy can help with anxiety in other ways. For example, those with arthritis, joint pain, and sore muscles may get some relief from this therapy. Fehsenfeld says that many of her clients lose their anxiety related to these conditions because they no longer feel the physical pain that triggers their fear and worry.

However, Judee Fehsenfeld also states that care options like these should be considered supplemental to medical treatment options for anxiety. She understands that many people need medicines to manage their stress and encourages them to do so. However, Judee Fehsenfeld also believes that many people can receive real benefits from using her unique Nogier light therapy option.

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