JudeeLouise Fehsenfeld
Judee Louise Fehsenfeld

Can Self-Forgiveness Help During Covid-19? Judee Louise Fehsenfeld Says “Yes”

Judee Louise Fehsenfeld has experienced her clients’ suffering during the Covid-19 pandemic, finding that many of them feel guilty about what is happening. This type of self-guilt is damaging, particularly during such a devastating pandemic. As a result, she believes that people should investigate the benefits of self-forgiveness. This treatment method is something that she has used to help her clients regain a stronger sense of self and avoid needless emotional suffering.

Judee Louise Feshenfeld
Judee Louise Feshenfeld

What is Self-Forgiveness? Judee Fehsenfeld Explains

Over the years, Judee Louise Fehsenfeld has worked with many different techniques to help her clients recover from emotional and physical pain. Self-forgiveness is just one method that she uses to help. This technique focuses on improving a myriad of skills that help a person overcome emotional issues in a soothing and healing way. 

First of all, Judee Fehsenfeld will discuss a person’s sense of guilt and how it can impact their emotional development over the years. Often, people hold onto negative emotions for years with no need and punish themselves for it unconsciously, believing that they deserve to be hurt. Judee Louise Fehsenfeld helps people identify why they feel this way and why it is harmful. 

Then, she works with a client to walk them back from the brink of self-abuse and teach them how to forgive themselves. Judee Fehsenfeld states that this process requires her clients to embrace who they are as a person, understand that they have made mistakes, and forgive themselves for it. She finds people are often more willing to forgive others than themselves, but this technique can help them overcome that limitation. 

How Can Self-Forgiveness Help During Covid-19?

Over the last few months, Judee Louise Fehsenfeld has had many clients state that they feel guilty for a myriad of different issues related to Covid-19. Some feel guilty because they had the disease and passed it to loved ones. Others feel guilt because they did not get it and survived a loved one passing away. Judee Fehsenfeld has seen this type of guilt before and believes that self-forgiveness can help. 

She states that survivor’s guilt is a very damaging emotional problem that often impacts people during crises such as pandemics. Those who suffer survivor’s guilt cannot handle the sadness that death causes, according to Judee Fehsenfeld, and then transfer the emotion to a sense of guilt. Unfortunately, this transference can cause a person great suffering that may last for years. 

Instead, Judee Fehsenfeld believes these people need to practice the self-forgiveness techniques that she has been teaching for quite some time. By taking the time to forgive yourself, she states, you can move on emotionally from the devastation caused by this condition. If you focus on the good in your life, Judee Fehsenfeld knows that it is possible to regain your emotional strength.

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